Roofing & Storm Restoration

Walter Construction

Designed to be a no brainer choice when clients visit the site.

Client: Walter Construction is a roofing and storm restoration company. They are known for helping clients with roof replacements and damage caused by storms. They have premier experience in the industry.

We have had the opportunity to work with Walter Construction on multiple projects. After designing their logo, they hired us to design a website that fit their image. After learning about them, their business, and the causes they back, made it that much more fun to work with them.

Oakmont Creative designed multiple marketing and advertising materials to help with Walter Construction's traditional efforts.

Walter Construction.jpg
Walter Construction.png
Walter Construction.png.jpg
Walter Construction.png
Walter Construction Website Image-01.png

Marketing Packet

Leaving it easier to close the sale post meeting.

Walter Construction Folder
Walter Construction Folder
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Walter Construction Folder
Brochure Inside.png
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Trifold Brochure
Image by Fakurian Design

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