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Designed to be set apart from other real estate websites.

Client: The Quartz Team is a real estate team based out of Ames, Iowa. The team brings quality experience and local knowledge to the area to help buyers and sellers have an incredible experience. 

We have done multiple projects with The Quartz Team, with the amazing opportunity to design their website. Our goal when designing their website was to make it stand out compared to other real estate websites.

Having most of their leads come from sites like Zillow, they realized a website of their own would make their potential clients have a better understanding of who they're dealing with.

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The real estate industry is highly competitive, especially in a growing community like the Des Moines Metro.

Having some overall goals outlined, we really wanted to focus on the responsiveness of the website. By gaining an understanding of The Quartz Team, and their audience, we were able to understand the website userbase.


By learning about who will be using the site and what they are using it for, we were able to design a strategy that targets visitors directly. For The Quartz Team's visitors, we wanted then to come to the site to get a feel for who The Quartz Team is; their level of professionalism, trustworthiness, and knowledge.


Once they trust The Quartz Team and want to learn more information about how they can work with them, the next step for site visitors is to get in contact with them. By utilizing this information, we were able to strategies our layout and CTA's to optimize leads.

Website visitors also have the option to use some valuable tools on The Quartz Team website. By offering a free mortgage calculator, site visitors could estimate what they can pay for their next home and what to expect when meeting with a loan officer.

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Website Conclusion

From our first meeting with the real estate team, we knew this website design needed to match The Quartz Teams' stature. After carefully planning, strategizing, and designing the site, we were able to execute The Quartz Teams' website, allowing site visitors to easily verify The Quartz Teams' real estate expertise and easily contact The Quartz Team in order to buy or sell their home.

Buyers Guide

The Quartz Team Buyers Guide
The Quartz Team Buyers Guide
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The Quartz Team Buyers Guide
The Quartz Team Buyers Guide

Making the home buying experience effortless.

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