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Elevating Your Social Presence

Social Media

For an interactive creative business, providing the best creative solutions means using proven strategies that connect businesses directly with people. Oakmont Creative engages your followers on a personal, one-on-one level while creating content users want to share – making your business the topic of conversation. Now when it comes to experience, you'll probably recognized some of our clientele. It's no secret our clients are coming to us to better serve their own clientele.

Social media is all about creativity, innovation, and connections. 

  • Unique, creative social media plan

  • Comprehensive social media management

  • Report and analyze social media analytics

 We make it easy!

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Amazing Businesses We've Worked With

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Plus many more fun businesses!

Our Social Media Services

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Content Creation

We produce high-value, trending posts that attract interest and engages new followers. We utilize our strategy of data and creativity to craft content that reaches your audience and target audience for further maximum engagement.

By implementing an informative, targeted and data-driven content marketing strategy, we help brands like yours strengthen relationships with their followers, attract new ones and increase engagement.

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Social Media Growth

Oakmont Creative executes and monitors the organic growth of your business or brand's social media platforms. 

We’ll help you develop a positive reputation, locally or nationally, by targeting your demographic audience, from location to interests, to grow your following on the appropriate platforms.

Become the talk of our city and lead your industry with our effective social media growth service. We work with any industry!

Your Social Media Marketing Partner

At Oakmont Creative, we help you fully unlock the full potential of social media. We are an experienced design and marketing company helping brands and individuals elevate their online presence and grow their market share.

We’re proud to be from Des Moines, Iowa and offer exclusive services here to local businesses that our out of state clients can't receive. We are proud to have worked with some high caliber clients such as Casey's, Bang Energy, Muscle Milk, and one of the fastest growing fashion brands, YoungLA. Discover how our social media growth and content creation services can transform your business. Local, International, and every where in between. 

Our Results By The Numbers

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Oakmont Creative has successfully led the creation and growth strategy for multiple businesses, handling strategy, content creation and growth for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We also supported them with proper techniques and tips on how they can put thier social media in hyperdrive, resulting in a massive growth and engagement.

Create - Engage - Grow
  • Followers Gained: 168,765

  • Impressions Gained: 14,476,300

  • Engagements Gained: 101,371

Social Media Pricing Overview

At Oakmont Creative, we provide our clients with full creative solutions. That being said, we understand that each business is different and has different needs. No bots. No buying followers. Organic solutions for lasting connections.

Content Creation

Focusing on giving more of what you and your audience needs. The high-quality content will continue to build your business or brand.


For The Basics


per month

Instagram & Facebook content

High-quality content that fits your brand

8-10 posts a month - 2 post per week

Performance tracked


For Building The Brand


per month

Instagram & Facebook

High-quality content that fits your brand

12-14 posts a month - 3 post per week

Performance tracked

Custom content packages available upon request. Including Instagram Reels, TikTok, and video.

Social Media Growth

Create better social proof and increased brand awareness, more followers, more publicity, and sales for your business!


For Steady Growth


per month

Instagram & TikTok Growth

Moderate growth rate - 750-1500/month

10-15 interest targets

Geo targeting - location


For Maximum Exposure


per month

Instagram & TikTok growth

Maximum growth rate - 2000-3000/month

30-40 interest target

Geo targeting - location

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