50 Social Media Posting Ideas For Businesses

Facebook. Instagram. TikTok. Twitter.

What do these social media platforms have in common besides millions and millions of users? Being a great avenue for businesses to get eyes on them.

With more people downloading these social media apps, more people are scrolling through their feeds to get the latest information, trends, FOMO.

The average user spends over two hours a day on social media, making it a great place to connect with future customers or clients.

Most business owners now understand the importance of posting on social media. Which is great .. BUT .. I see it time and time again when a business owner is constantly posting the same kind of content over and over. Soon enough, they get burnt out, questioning if it’s even worth it to keep posting. Eventually they stop.

I’d compare it to a creative block or creative fatigue.

Luckily for you I got your back! I’ve put together a great list of social media ideas you can refer back to when you need an idea. Or use all of the them!

The great thing about these content ideas, they’re not subjected to only one type of content. You can turn these ideas into still images, videos, reels, TikToks, carousels. Whichever fits your strategy, current trends, and algorithms.

Now let’s get to it.

  1. Inspirational Quote

  2. Share a Testimonial

  3. Share a Case Study

  4. Short Video of Business

  5. Answer a FAQ

  6. Valuable Tip

  7. Free PDF Download

  8. Link to Recent Blog

  9. Ask a Question About a Service/ Product/ Test Product

  10. Infographic / Chart

  11. Free Resource

  12. Discount / Promo

  13. Funny/Personal Post

  14. Product/Service Spotlight

  15. Industry News

  16. Motivational Post

  17. Favorite Tool

  18. Statistics

  19. Fun Fact

  20. Fill In The Blank

  21. Tutorial

  22. Shout Out

  23. Client Spotlight

  24. ICYMI Post (In Case You Missed It)

  25. Get to Know Me (CEO/Owner)

  26. Lesson Learnt

  27. One Thing You Can’t Live Without

  28. Behind the Scenes

  29. Round Up of Interesting Articles

  30. Explain Industry Term

  31. Behind the Scenes

  32. Promote Another Channel (Podcast/ FB/IG)

  33. Create a Series (Weekly)

  34. Contest or Giveaway

  35. Answer Fan Questions

  36. Social Media Takeover (employee or influencer)

  37. Share a Relative Post

  38. Vacation Post

  39. Collab with Another Business

  40. Go Live - Make Post

  41. Have an Interview

  42. Make a MEME

  43. Incorporate Trending Topics Into a Post

  44. Tag a Friend Post

  45. Run a Poll

  46. Answer Comments For The Next Hour

  47. Share a Milestone

  48. Coming Soon

  49. Morning Routine For The Business (how you get started for the day)

  50. Continuing Education (seminar you’re at, book your reading, new course/ license)

Hopefully you can pull some ideas from this list and make it easier and fun to post on social media.

This list doesn't include holiday post either. From the traditional holidays, to the new fun/funky ones, eg. National Pizza Day, you should be well on your way to creating a great social media strategy.

Happy posting!