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 Bathroom Renovation 

NexGen Baths

A website re-design meant to remodel to an up-to-date and new straight forward design.

Client: NexGen Bath is a bathroom remodeling business helping clients bring their vision to life. Locally owned and operated, they bring quality experience all across Central Iowa.

After designing a 60 page sales catalog, NexGen bath gave us the opportunity to re-design their website. Our goal when re-designing their website was to make it have easy navigation and be another funnel in their lead generation.

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NexGen Bath.png
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Sales Catalog

Making an easier project process.

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Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 8.42.36 AM.png
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Trifold Re-Design

Our goal with NexGen Bath's trifold was to bring it up to speed with the new website and sales catalog. 

NexGen Bath Trifold Outside-01.png
NexGen Bath Trifold Inside-02.png
Image by Fakurian Design

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