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Gourmet Bakery

Beverly Hills Cookies

Don't eat the screen was our mantra with this website re-design.

Client: Beverly Hills Cookies is a gourmet bakery in the heart of Beverly Hills. They bring an elegant gourmet flare to the dessert category for all to taste. There we're perks to working with Beverly Hills Cookies .. like free samples!

When we started the re-design for Beverly Hills Cookies, showing the irresistible products they offer was a priority. Following, bringing a fun style to showcase the owners style was also intended.

Oakmont Creative implemented an ordering and local delivery functionality that was missing with the old design. Beware visiting this website, you might not leave empty handed.

Beverly Hills Cookies Website Mockup.png
Beverly Hills Cookies.png.png
Beverly Hills Cookies.png
Beverly Hills Cookies.png.png
Beverly Hills Cookies.png.png
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Image by Fakurian Design

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